Lean Forum Case

II International Annual Practical Conference dedicated to Lean technologies.

The event takes place in a hybrid format in the most innovative platform in Russia and gathers leaders from all CIS countries.
To select foreign speakers with the highest level of expertise in Lean technologies and practical implementation experience, fitting into the budget.

It is important that the speakers complement each other in terms of content, approve the use of recordings of speeches for the participants of the event and provide an exclusive for half a year of performances in the CIS.
Speaker Jeffrey Liker CEO of Liker Lean Advisors. Professor in Industrial and Operational Engineering at the University of Michigan. The author and co-author of eight bestsellers, among them "Toyota Dao: 14 principles of management of the world's leading company", "Toyota Corporate Culture", "Toyota under fire".

Speaker Giorgio Merli takes a special part in the study and implementation of advanced management systems, lean production/lean organization models and business development. Currently, he teaches and advises on digitalization and the evolution of business models.

Speaker Toshio Horokiri is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toyota Engineering Corporation, TMS&TPS Institute (Certification Institute of Japan). For 35 years at Toyota Motor Corporation, he managed the development, manufacturing, environment and equipment design processes and was responsible for the deployment of the Toyota Production System (TPS) in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Portugal.
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