The Yandex Conference Case

The big Yandex Advertising Conference is a large-scale event that gathers representatives of the advertising and marketing industry from all over Russia. A unique place where the best experts of the CIS market meet and discuss trends and tools that "launch business into space".
To select and organize the performance of a well-known speaker with many successful cases in the creation and promotion of content. It is important that the audience has not yet seen this person as a speaker, thereby getting an exclusive opportunity at a Large Yandex Conference. The speaker must perform solo (without an interviewer) and reveal the components of his successful cases.

Based on the task and the analysis of the target audience, we provided the customer with a variant of speakers from all over the world for different budgets.

Together with the Yandex team, it was decided to focus on the candidacy of Ilya Prusikin, the leader of the Little Big group, whose clips have gained over a billion views on YouTube. The success of the team is not an accident. Few people know that Ilya studied to be a psychologist and his thesis is closely related to the informational influence on the masses.

After several days of negotiations, we received Ilya's consent to speak at the conference. However, he agreed to speak only with a moderator who would ask questions. Within a few weeks, we persuaded Ilya to perform solo and prepared a presentation for him ourselves.
Customer feedback:

Olga Oliferenko
Yandex Special Projects Manager
""There is nothing impossible" is the motto of BookSpeaker, which they confirm daily with their brilliant work.
The best speakers and speakers, scientists, celebrities and just outstanding people who gather around full halls and audiences work with Vladimir. The agency's team oversees the process from negotiations with the speaker to the preparation of unique content for a specific target audience — we still continue to receive thanks from listeners at events, and this is priceless).
I thank the whole team and Vladimir for a sensitive approach and an ideal process, from which I only enjoyed at every stage (yes, this is possible)) BookSpeaker — the best in their field."
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