Employee motivation and training
Client event
Business forum and conference
We constantly monitor trends in the corporate education market and the successful cases of colleagues around the world.

Our speakers solve the following tasks: training top managers in meta-skills and soft skills, motivating the talent pool, strategic session, online master class, workshop and top team coaching.

The agency has a wealth of experience working with HR and T&D teams, so we accurately feel the needs of the customer and are able to work with different budgets.

We always select the right speakers. To do this, we are constantly replenishing our base of speakers with bright and interesting personalities from various fields.

We have carefully worked out the format of interaction between the speaker and the audience. As a result, they converge, the customer's brand loyalty increases, and an information feed appears for publications on social networks.

The trend of 2020 is online events. This format is convenient for the audience because they can be in any place they like to be in. At the same time, a speaker's performance is much cheaper.

The best speakers for a business forum should provide participants with tangible benefits: new ideas, inspiration, an algorithm for solving business problems, etc.

We have many contacts in all "speakers area" such as world famous speakers and also narrow specialists who provide the audience with the most practical content.

We help the organizers to work out the scenario of the event and take care of all the work with the speakers: selection, negotiations, preparation of the speech, logistics. We save time and nerves for the customer.

Stages of work
Problem analysis with customers
We get a clear idea of what the speaker should be to solve the problem.

The analysis is a conversation with a customer and takes 5-10 minutes.

We ask questions about the objectives of the event, the experience of working with speakers, the characteristics of the target audience, and the budget. It is extremely important to feel how the customer sees the result of the speaker's work.

Speaker's search and selection
We don't find a suitable speaker in our database in 20% of cases. Then we search all over the world: we study events, corporate cases, scientific research, publications in the media, podcasts, consult with speakers and colleagues.

In the process of selecting speakers, we pay attention to a number of parameters: relevant experience, relevance and scientific validity of the content, public speaking skills and peer reviews.

Negotiations with speakers
Sometimes speakers ask for a fee that exceeds the customer's budget, or is not eager to fly across the ocean. In this case, we offer the speaker an alternative opportunity: additional performances on the day of arrival, professional photos and videos, PR support, excursions and meetings with interesting people.
Mandatory briefing with customers
We organize a video call with one or two candidates who customer likes. This takes 30 to 60 minutes. In the course of the conversation, we brief the speaker and understand who should be chosen, as well as agree on a preparation plan for the speech.

All the mechanisms described above not only improve the quality of the performance, but also save a lot of time for the customer.

Performance organization
We take care of flights, transfers, hotels, simultaneous translation and everything that will be necessary in your case. Representatives of our agency are always present at the site. A mandatory check of the "light on the speaker", sound, operation of equipment for simultaneous translation, presentation of the presentation for the first and last rows, etc. is carried out.

We quickly coordinate additional activities with the speaker during the event: signing a book, a photo session or questions for the speaker one-on-one.

Audience impressions are the most useful information for future improvements. That's why we always collect feedback and we often try to find a new way to collect it with regular customers.

With the help of video filming of viewers, we analyze the reaction of the audience: what information is more interesting, the optimal time to hold attention, etc.

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