We not only help the speaker find his customer but also go through the whole way of organizing the event with him: from briefing with the client to collecting feedback after the speech.

The interests of the speaker are as important to us as the interests of the organizers. Even if the customer asks for a discount, we will always provide the speaker with an alternative value: photos for social networks, professional video performances, meetings with interesting people from among our speakers around the world, etc.

In addition, we help speakers become more in demand in the market through individual consultations.
Feedback from speakers
we've worked with
Feedback from Toshio Horikiri

President of Toyota Engineering Corporation. He is the chief consultant of a number of large companies in China, the USA, Japan and Russia.
Feedback from Jeffrey Liker

Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, winner of four Shingo Awards for outstanding achievements, author of the international bestseller "The Toyota Way, Second Edition: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer".
Feedback from Andrey Kurpatov

Psychotherapist, President of the Higher School of Methodology, author of more than 30 books, head of the Neuroscience Laboratory of Sberbank.
Feedback from Oleg Konovalov

The No. 1 expert on corporate culture in the Thinkers 360 ranking, is in the TOP 10 world leader in leadership, is the No. 1 world-leading trainer in the Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50 nomination.
Meet Our Team
Vladimir Turkov
Founder and CEO
Dmitry Kachalka
Finance Director
Irina Kazankova
Content Manager
Anastasia Izofatova
Project manager
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the preparation for the perfomance go?
We are holding a briefing with the speaker and the customer in ZOOM. It takes about 30 minutes and allows you to understand exactly what the client expects and what the speaker is going to tell about during the performance, so the customer is always satisfied with the speaker's presentation.
How is the speaker's services paid?
We conclude an official contract with the speaker and transfer 50% of the fee before the event and 50% immediately after the speech. A prepayment option is also possible on the day of the speaker's arrival in the city of the event.
Who deals with visa and logistics?
We help with visa processing, selection and payment of air tickets and all business class transfers. We work with the best airlines in the world and take into account speaker's wishes.
Where do foreign speakers stay?
For foreign speakers, we select the highest class hotels from international chains. Business class rooms with sound insulation will allow the speaker to relax and have a good rest after the flight.
How does the translation of the performance hold?
We work with the best simultaneous interpreters, so the speaker speaks as usual, and the audience hears the translation through headphones.
What measures are being taken due to the COVID-19?
All persons who interact with the speaker take a PCR test in 24 hours and constantly wear masks. We also monitor the observance of social distance throughout the speaker's visit to the city where the event is being held.
A nice bonus for the speaker
We are always ready to organize pleasant leisure for the speaker based on his interests: excursions, museums and exhibitions, the best restaurants and much more.
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