L'Oréal Case

L'Oréal, the leader of the global perfumery and cosmetics market, takes employee training seriously, so we were pleasantly surprised by the depth of the request:

"We need a webinar on the effectiveness of employee cooperation through the prism of psychology and sociology"

Together with the customer, we expanded the request by prescribing the tools for providing information, the desired result and discussed the context of training and the specifics of the audience.
The next day, we selected the 2 most suitable candidates, sent the information to the customer and coordinated video calls with each of them for a joint briefing with the customer and making a final decision on the speaker.

We decided on Dmitry Shamenkov's candidacy due to his relevant experience and charismatic presentation of the material.

Two webinars were held for different audiences. Moreover, at the second stage, we slightly changed the presentation of the material, and the speaker suggested slightly modifying the format. As a result, the webinar received even higher ratings from the participants.
Customer feedback:

Maria Mamatova
Head of Learning of Loreal

"I thank BookSpeaker for the super professional work. Vladimir has an incredible ability to hear a request, clearly reformulate it and select the best speakers in a short time. He also takes over ALL the work with the speaker, including valuable comments on the choice of format and the run of the speech. As a result, we received an excellent product with a minimum of effort from us. All the work was done quickly and within the designated budget."
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