HI-TECH NATION FORUM is the largest business forum in Belarus. The purpose of the forum is to accelerate the development of the country's economy through the development of human potential.

Every year the forum surprises participants not only with world-class stars, but also businessmen and experts from all over the CIS.

The customer had formed the event scenario and had already agreed with several speakers, so we had to find the "stars" of the forum who would fit seamlessly into the philosophy of the event.
Our task was to find suitable speakers on three topics:

  • Application of artificial intelligence for business
  • An inspiring success story
  • Business development by modern methods in digital realities

It was also extremely important to take into account:

  • Speakers should have absolute authority among the business community
  • The organization of performances should be within the budget
  • To announce speakers as soon as possible to start selling tickets

David Yan told the forum participants about the use of artificial intelligence in the areas most common among the CA of the forum.
We interested David in meetings with potential clients of his new startup.

Leonid Boguslavsky told a lot of inspiring stories from the forum stage, including how he became a billionaire thanks to an investment in Yandex. Leonid Borisovich does not speak at business forums, but we interested him in meetings at the Hi-Tech Park, interesting leisure time in Minsk and the format of his speech.

Andrey Kurpatov does not like to travel by plane, so it was an interesting task to persuade him to perform in Minsk, in which friendly relations and excursions to the castles of the Minsk region helped us. Andrey Vladimirovich's speech received the highest rating from the participants for the entire time of the HI-TECH NATION FORUM.

A dinner for VIP guests of the forum was organized with each of the speakers.
Customer feedback:

Vitaliy Volanyuk
СEO «Probusiness»

"We would like to note the high professionalism, exceptional punctuality and attention to the tasks of the event organizer on the part of BookSpeaker. The company not only "supplies" famous speakers, but also conscientiously delves into the tasks of the event, studies the composition and needs of the audience and takes this information into account when working with speakers. Thanks to this, the speakers' speeches are not formulaic, but maximally adapted and useful for a particular event. This distinguishes BookSpeaker favorably in the market of speaker bureaus."
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We draw your attention:
We do not work with budgets less than 2000 USD/150,000 Russian rubles

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